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About the Moon
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About the Moon - Solar/Lunar Cycles

To begin to use the Moon in astrological timing it is important to be aware that the moon rules the public, so the current moon sign and aspect reflects the emotional moods of people at that moment. It is important to be aware that the Moon will be in a particular sign for 2 half days. As the Moon goes through a sign, it influences the events, and "feeling" of the day. For example when the Moon is in expansive Sagittarius, one can have a very expansive day and evening with many social engagements.

When the Moon is in the same sign as your Sun sign, it is a time when you have more solar energy for starting new ventures. You many feel more creative and assertive. When the Moon returns to your Moon sign it is your lunar birthday. A new cycle has begun giving you new opportunities for personal and emotional satisfaction and growth. A lunar return chart can be cast to discover the major emotional concerns of the month.

Passing attention to the two major phases in the cycles can be helpful in timing your activities. During the waxing Moon from New Moon to Full Moon it is the best time to start new projects and be actively involved in life.

The New Moon, which occurs when the Sun and Moon pass near each other in the same sign of the zodiac, marks the beginning of the Sun-Moon cycle of 29.5 days. The New Moon is a good time to start new projects. The sign show us what quality of energy is available at the new moon and the house shows us the area of life experiences the energies of the sign will be focused.

The quarters of the lunation cycle mark periods of tension. They occur when the Moon is halfway between New and Full, at an angle of 90 degrees to the Sun. The astrological aspect is a square. Stress is often high during the day of the quarters, and even the day before and after. The First Quarter marks a time of pressure to do things, the Third Quarter pressure to understand things. Don't commence a major undertaking, like opening a business or getting married, when the Moon is at either of the quarters.

At the Full Moon, the lunation cycle reaches its halfway point. The Sun and Moon are now in opposition, 180 degrees apart. Like the New Moon, the signs that the Moon is in when it is full can offer us valuable information on public trends. Very often important decisions or announcements are made at the Full Moon. It can be a time of clarity and objectivity.

At the waning Moon from Full to Dark Moon it is time to rest, reflect, complete what you started at the New Moon, or plan for the New Moon to come. It is also a good time for letting go rituals.

Part of the fascination of the Moon is the way it changes, each phases has its own beauty, purpose and meaning. In Astrology this is called the lunation cycles and is based on the changes in the solar-lunar relationship. Each of the eight phases of the Moon describes a distinct approach to life. Each phase shows a different way of responding to life's challenges and fulfilling your purpose.

Here are the eight lunation phases that can be found in your astrological birth chart.

The Eight Lunation Phases

New Moon Type:
Moon 0 to 45 degrees ahead of the Sun
Temperament: You have the ability to generate new ideas and begin new projects.
Keywords : Open, subjective, impulsive, instinctive, spontaneous, energetic and idealistic.

Crescent Type:
45-90 degrees:
Temperament: Confident, with vitality to over come the past and have many successes.
Keywords: Assertive, confident and achievements oriented.

First Quarter Type:
Moon 90 to 135 ahead of Sun
Temperament: Crises in action : Strong willed, ruthless, and argumentative.
Keywords: Ambitious, builder, and action oriented.

Gibbous-Moon Type:
Moon 135 to 180 ahead of Sun
Temperament: Introspection and searching for spiritual enlightenment.
Keywords: Personal growth, adjustment, creative, humanitarians.

Full Moon Type:
Moon 180 to 135 behind Sun
Temperament: Aware of the need to learn to compromise and cooperation in relationships. You also need to learn to balances will with instinct.
Keywords: Objective, balanced, and seeks fulfillment in their lives.

Disseminating Type:
Moon 135 to 90 behind Sun
Temperament: There purpose is to disseminating what one has learned or experienced.
Keywords: Education, teaching writing, creative and innovative.

Last Quarter Type:
Moon 90 to 45 behind Sun
Temperament: Reflective, assertive, and future-oriented.
Keywords: Philosophical, universal, organized, idealistic.

Balsamic Moon Type:
Moon Less than 45 behind Sun
Temperament: Visionaries Inspires future generations with new ideas.
Keywords: Release, dreamers, prophetic, sacrifice.

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